• 01Initial Consultation
    Requirements Analysis & Idea Generation
    Budget Planning
    Quotation and Confirmation of Design Fee
    Design Project Team formation
  • 02Site Investigation
    Site survey and electrical & plumbing survey
    Site measurement and photography
    Data analysis and market survey
    Layout drafting
    Design and construction work schedule
  • 03Contract Signing
    Contract confirmation
    Contract signing
  • 04Initial Planning
    Design planning
    Image & concept design
    Mobility & traffic flow planning
    Function plan /design proposal submission
  • 05Initial Design
    Color scheme design
    Mobility & traffic flow design
    Area/sectional design
    budget & material confirmation
    floor plan porposal
  • 06Construction Design
    Elevation drawings
    Display case/unit drawings
    Construction detail drawings
    Signage drawings
    ME&P drawings,
    Electrical drawings
    Material board creation
    Budget and schedule proposal
  • 07Design Supervision
    Design proposal
    Building code compliance
    Blueprint dimensions audit
    Materials and color scheme review
    Work quality examination and acceptance standards