• 01Drawing confirmation
    Drawing dimensions audit
    Area of construction confirmation
    Material confirmation
  • 02Quotation
    Project schedule
    Terms and conditions
    Quotation agreement
    Project contract signing
  • 03Preliminary
    Management and team formation
    Construction drawings self-criticism
    Work delegation
    Construction insurance
    Sub-contracting and material preparation
    Site preparation
    Timeline proposal
  • 04Construction
    Associated personnel arrangement
    Coordination meeting
    On-site safety work
    On-site setting out
  • 05Project management
    labor safety and material management
    Work quality and schedule control
    Work Coordination
    Change of project and variation orders
  • 06Completion of work
    Work completion report and handover
    Checklist preparation
    Repair confirmation and change of construction budget
    Post-completion project review.
  • 07Opening
    Store opening preparation
    As-built drawing preparation
    Archival of construction drawings
    After service